Stream All The Sources

Are you looking for a good streaming add-on for Kodi? Stream All The Sources (SALTS) is all you need! You probably already heard of Stream All The Sources the last few months. On this website you will find lots of information about this new popular add-on for Kodi. First of all we would like to inform you that Stream All The Sources is NOT a replacement for Genesis. Stream All The Sources does look like Genesis in many ways, but is faster and more stable. Especially the stability of SALTS is a new improvement in the Kodi world.

KODI and Stream All The Sources

Before we can start with the installation of the software please make sure that you have a compatible device with a fresh installation of Kodi on it. Do you not know what a Mediabox is? Or do you not know which devices are compatible with Kodi? Please take a look at this list below for recommended Kodi compatible devices. All of these devices have different specifications. Please make sure you will buy a device with good specifications for video streaming. Take a good look at the processor, memory, Operation System and internal flash memory.

–         Minix (

–         Ugoos (

–         The Little Black Box (

Do you already have a current installation of Kodi on your device? No problem,  it is also possible to install SALTS on your current Kodi device. Please take a look on the Stream All The Sources installation page for more information about installing SALTS on your device. Do you have any further questions after reading the installation guide? Please send us a mail or message on Facebook. We are pleased to help you with the installation on your device. You will also find more information about how to download SALTS.